A Mangere Market Tantrum

Ok so for those who don’t know, market day usually occurs every Saturday mornings from 7am to 2pm held at Mangere Town Centre parking lot. And so this is where you will find me on Saturdays. I go there because my Mom makes traditional puletaha/puletasi to sell and so it’s a great opportunity to meet up with my parents and spend some time. But really, I just go there for the food lol. 

Anyways, couple of weeks ago my husband was working and so he was unable to come with us and soooo; it was just me and my 2 kids. Some days they are good to me and let me do my thing in peace; and other days they are just complete nightmares! And so this particular weekend just happened to be one of those days. 

So we pulled up to the market and we were in line searching for a parking (this is probably the worst part of going to the market). As we finally found one, I made the grave mistake of thinking my 1 year old (who will be 2 years in 4 months) and 6 months old were capable of sharing a potato stix! 

Having thought I have done all I can of teaching my little ones how to act in public, I was quickly reminded that this education was no where near its end. My six months old’s screams pierced the ears of each meandering Saturday morning shopper. Heads turned and eyebrows raised as my curly head toddler ferociously fought in protest as I gently reminded her that she needed to share with her sister. 

It was a hot day, the sun was shining ever so brightly and somewhere in the recesses of my frazzled mind, mixed between the thoughts of potentially annoyed shoppers, the sweat making my shirt sticky, the baby’s hungry cries and now shock and frustration towards my toddler, I heard this quote, “Don’t be embarrassed when your kids misbehave, be embarrassed if you don’t do anything about it”. Yup! and that’s exactly what I did, nothing. I just left my kids there and proceeded to the next stop on my list. KIDDING!! sad if you thought I’d actually ditch my kids lol- but foreal what if I actually did? my husband would probs divorce me by now haha. 

At that point, considering my already overwhelmed state of mind; the first part of the quote was all I could handle. Besides, trying to reason with a ‘just woken up toddler’ in the middle of the market is like attempting to have an engaging conversation with the wall. 

However, as crazed as  I was feeling; I was quickly reminded that kids will be kids. My kids are going to misbehave. My kids are going to throw fits, lose control of their emotions, kick up a fuss and yes, embarrass me from time to time but THIS.IS.NORMAL. This is expected. This is what you call ‘mom life’ lol #thestruggleisreal 

That was my ever first experience with a toddler throwing a tantrum in public and it was horrible! I hated having to feel all the googly  eyes staring at me while I was trying to calm my 1 year old. But what can you do? All you can do is teach and train, and sometimes repeatedly until they learn. That is my job right? You can only do so much and the rest is up to them. 

Glad to say the rest of our day went smoothly after that little episode at the markets. So now, I am always packing 2 separate potato stix until they learn how to share. *sigh* 

But, we will see you next week Mangere Markets!