Naule’o Choicey Pearl Nemaia- A birth story 

Ok, so did I tell you I was pregnant again? lol and yes I’m back AGAIN with another birth story! 
Sunday morning on the 6th of August 2017 at 2:03am, our second daughter was born. However, leading up to her birth; was not what I had imagined it to be. Because my previous pregnancy was via c-section, things were a little complicated and risky this time around. My estimated due date was 28th of July 2017. That date came and gone and next thing I know I was 1 week overdue. My plan was to hopefully have a natural birth and my chances of that was wearing thin as the day went by. On Friday the 4th of August, I was booked to be induced at Middlemore Hospital. We arrived at the hospital at 9am and started the induction straight away. 

Because of my previous c-section, the safest way to induce labour for me was the ‘foley bulb induction’. So basically what it is, it’s a procedure where the doctor insets a catheter into my cervix. Once inside, the doctor fills one end of the balloon with 60ml of saline solution and the other with 40ml. This helps to put pressure on my cervix and encourage dilation. After the procedure is done, the balloon is left there for 24hours and once I’m dilated to 3cm, it’ll pop right out! (I know right?!…likeeee what the heckkk?!!). Imagine having to walk around, sit, go to the bathroom with something stuck down there?! It was thee most uncomfortable thing ever! so of course, I was encouraged to walk around, so that the balloon will work it’s magic and eventually pop out on it’s own. And guess what? It didn’t pop out!! So I was stuck with that thing down there for 24 hours for pretty much nothing!! 

The following day, Saturday the 5th of August at 6.30pm, the doctor came and removed the catheter and broke my waters. Not long after that, I started to have some contractions. Finally!! We were getting somewhere!! We were then transferred to the birthing room and it was game on from there! I was so ready to have this baby!! 

By 10pm, the midwife gave me Pitocin which is a synthetic hormone oxytocin that helps produce contractions and it is slowly increased in levels until adequate contractions are produced. So which means, I was on it for 4 hours until I started to have 3-4 contractions every 10 minutes. My goodness! 4 hours felt like 40 years!!! I was having regular contractions and they were strong and painful. I was breathing through each contraction until it became unbearable to breathe no I went from breathing to screaming lol- I requested for gas and air hoping it will take the edge of the pain away, which it did. Well, for a bit anyway. The pain of each contraction was making me tired and the gas and air was also making me dizzy. So, not a good combination lol- I was in so much pain that I remembered saying, “Please help me!” “Make it stop!” “Get her out!!”- The midwife gave me a dose of morphine to help with the pain. At first, I didn’t feel anything, the pain was still there. She gave me the second dose and I was able to get some rest. Don’t get me wrong, the pain was still there! But it made it that much easier to deal with it. I was taking each contraction as it came; until I felt this strange feeling that I needed to do a ‘poo’. The feeling became stronger and stronger as each contraction came; to the point where I felt this strong urge to push. At 1.30am the midwife checked to see how far I was dilated and to my despair, she said I was only dilated 7cm!! I wanted to die. Ok, a bit dramatic but you know what I mean! She then said we will check again at 3.00-4.30am. As soon as she said that, I got out of bed and walked to the bathroom, my mom followed. I couldn’t lie on the bed for another hour and a half with that amount of pain.

I was telling my mom that I needed to push!! I have this feeling to push!! She kept telling me, “Ati, hold on you’re not ready yet”. We were in the bathroom for a good 10minutes until the feeling became stronger and stronger. I told my mom, “I can’t hold off this feeling anymore mom, I need to push now!!”. She held me up and started to walk me back to the bed. I took one step and the feeling to push came again. I stood there and screamed my life away as I pushed! I did 2 big push and next thing I know, the baby came out!! Luckily my Mom was behind me and was able to catch her before she landed on the floor. What a relief! All the pain went away just like that. 

I stood there in tears and couldn’t believe I did it. I gave birth naturally. They took me back to the bed and fixed me up. Due to the way I gave birth, baby came out with her umbilical cord detached, so the next step was to get my placenta out. I lost a lot of blood (1.8 litres) to be exact during birth, so everyone was busy trying to get myself back to normal lol- glad to say, everything is fine now and I am on my way to recovery.

That Sunday morning, we welcomed our daughter Naule’o Choicey Pearl Nemaia. She was named by my parents and what a beautiful little girl she is. I couldn’t have done it without the support of my husband and my mom. I love you guys!

To our sweet princess, we love you so much and we are beyond grateful you chose us to be your parents in this life. 


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