Working vs Stay at home Mom

I used to get annoyed at my sisters for checking up on their babies 247 when we were out on a sisters date, hanging out with our girlfriends or simply just drive down the road to the shops. My sisters would always say to me, “just wait for your turn! you will know what we mean”. And yes, now that I am a mom, I know EXACTLY what they mean. In fact, I’m probably worse! lol- 

On valentines day, Dalvin and I decided to go out for dinner and leave Lyca with one of her aunties to babysit. Oh gosh, not even 1 minute out the driveway, I’m already on my phone asking how Lyca is doing. And that continued on throughout the entire night. Because we left really late, all the places we wanted to dine at, were either closing, packed or they didn’t take anymore reservations for the rest of the night. So, we ended up with good ol’ Carl’s Junior lol- I was kinda happy that we ended up here, because I really just wanted to hurry home to Lyca lol-  Funny how I was so quick to complain and moan about how annoying my sisters were and yet, I can’t even leave the house for one minute and I’m already THAT annoying person lol- oh motherhood! I just love you lol 

So imagine me going to work and leaving Lyca behind for almost the entire day?! I don’t think its fair that us parents have to choose to either go to work, or be a stay at home mom. Why can’t we do both? But hey, that’s life right? 

When I fell pregnant, I was currently working at the time. Money was great. I was able to help out my husband with whatever bills we had and still have extra to treat ourselves out for dinner. When I left on maternity leave, I knew that once my leave was up; I’d had to return back to work and find a babysitter for Lyca. I hated thinking about it. Soo, I just ignored the idea and didn’t give it much thought really. 

As time drew closer, Dalvin and I talked about the possibility of getting a babysitter and also talked about other options if we couldn’t find one. After giving it much thought, we both decided that it was best that I stayed from work permanently and look after our little Lyca. We only get to watch her grow once and for me to miss out on that, is pretty depressing. Also, It just so happened that my current job didn’t fall through so that further confirmed my decision to stay from work and be a stay at home mom. 

Upon deciding to be a stay at home mom, we were struggling. Living under one income is tough. Our options were limited and things were pretty hard; especially raising a baby at the same time. However, a friend of mine approached me via facebook and asked if I wanted to earn extra money whilst being at home with Lyca. At first I was sceptical, only because it just sounded too good to be true. I mean, to stay home and be with my daughter 247 AND earn income at the same time? whaaat?? lol that was the perfect dream! So I said yes. I said yes first not knowing what the heck I was getting myself into.

Today, I’m glad I made that choice. I’m glad I accepted and said yes. I’m not gonna lie, owning your own business is not all peachy, it’s tough. But what can be more entrepreneurial than parenting? lol. What I do requires time, effort, hard work and drive! In my first week, I earned just a little over $300 and I was stoked! I couldn’t believe that I was at home with my daughter and at the same time earn income. This opportunity has allowed me to help others earn the same income as myself and still be able to be a mom at home. Reaping the rewards of your hard work is so rewarding. I know there is still room for me to learn and grow in this business and I want to share that with everyone. 

I have come to know the goodness of earning money simply from the comfort of my own home and I know anyone can do it. What I love about this business is, I can work anywhere I want and anytime I want. I am so grateful that this business has provided me with the opportunity to raise up Lyca and still contribute financially to our growing family. If it’s anything I’ve learned throughout my journey thus far is, the reward for work well done is the opportunity to do more.

Ati xx


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