Couple of months back, I was talking with my husband about the idea of visiting Niue. I was hesitant at first because the idea of travelling with a 4 month year old baby was scary and plus this would be my first time away from my husband since we been married, so I didn’t want to leave him…lol

Our first day here in Niue, was sooooo hott!!!! As soon as we got off the plane, I was sweating a river lol (i know, gross) haha..I think I sweated more than my whole entire zumba sessions I’ve been doing back home lol. We were greeted with a traditional Niuean feast called ‘umu and it was very delicious! So thank you to Fasa and Puso for going out of your way to prepare it for us. We appreciate all your efforts. 

Niue is very beautiful AND very clean! It truly is a little hidden paradise on the rock. The way of living here in Niue is very much similar as to my upbringing back in my home land Tonga. So nothing was new to me and I was able to relate to very similar situations. 

One of the things I enjoy most about Niue, is how close everything is to each other. My husband’s village is the capital of Niue and so they stay pretty much in the main shopping centre of the whole island. It’s been so great to be here in Niue and be able to meet the rest of my husband’s family and also experience parts of his culture. 

My MIL currently resides here in Niue as a way to help make ends meet. As hard and depressing as that sounds, sometimes you just need to make certain sacrifices so that everything can be smooth sailing, even if it means living apart from your loved ones. During my time here in Niue, I got to really see how hard she really works for her family. She wakes up in the wee hours of the morning and goes to work and doesn’t return til dark, and by the time she gets home she is exhausted. If she is not at work, she will be at home making flowers to sell at the market. I cant imagine how hard living apart from her family is, but I know if it’s one thing she wants; is to be able to return and live together with her family. 

Due to work commitments, my husband was unable to be with us but we both miss him terribly! In the meantime, we are enjoying our time here in Niue and everyone has been nothing but kind and welcoming to us. A special thanks to my husband’s family for showing us so much love and making us feel at home. 

Fakaaue Lahi. 

Her grandmother made her a ‘foufou’ and she loves it!
Lyca had the pleasure of meeting her great grandmother- Nana Pasa.
I had the pleasure of meeting these two beautiful souls! Thank you for being the best babysitter to Lyca. Meet Lave and Anabelle.
Niue is best known for its uga (coconut crab)..if you been to niue and havent tried the uga, you are missing out!
A typical dish in Niue.
This a traditional niuean dish called ‘nane’.
Lyca and her aunty Erin at the Avatele show day.
Pawpaw! One of my favorite fruits.
This was taken in Hikutavake. The view was very pretty!
Some beautiful looking taros lol
All ready to be cooked!
‘Ota/Raw fish- fresh fish drowned in coconut cream. 
This was taken on a very hot day!! and the only pic I have with my daughter..
Lyca and her Nana at Okioki Mai.
My little Lyca enjoyed her time swimming in Niue. She loves the water!!
Scattered around Niue’s coastlines are several cafe’s. This is just one of many. 
These beautiful flowers were picked from Ma’s garden. 
This is Nive and Nava. Both very beautiful, smart and fantastic performers!
The smell of frangipani will always remind me of Niue.
This is aunty Moka and her daughter Emu.
Niue, ko e motu tu taha.



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