To be 16 again

I had a conversation with my husband the other day and we talked about some of the most ridiculous things we’ve done throughout our teenage years. Everyone make silly mistakes right? I mean, I thought I knew it all back then and looking back on it now, “Yeah right Ati!” lol.

So, I wanted to write some things I would tell my teenage self today, if I could.

choose wise friends. you will find that most of your friends will do certain things. Things that may go against your standards and what you believe in..and just because your friends are doing it, doesn’t necessarily mean you have to do it too. Although choosing wise friends is key, but being smart is key also.

so what if you failed a paper? that’s life! you will either pass or fail. But that doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world. Make mistakes! that’s how you learn. Don’t be discouraged. Pick yourself up and try again.

don’t be so caught up with the things of the world. You know, the need to have the latest iphone, hair straightener, high heels or pair of jeans. You will find that when you get to my age, those things won’t even matter. And plus, you won’t even fit those pair of jeans anyways LOL

– don’t stress about your weight. I know you may think your fat now. Oh trust me! you should see yourself now. Your morbidly obese learn to love your body and enjoy it before babies come along.

when you get to university, pick ONE subject and stick with it. You will find that you wasted a lot of time deciding on what you wanted to study. And because of this, you’ve created unnecessary stress for yourself. So be prepared and be wise with your time.

learn to budget your money. Again, don’t use your money to keep up with the latest trends. You will find later in life, that the amount of money you spent on shoes, clothes and makeup would’ve came in handy to buy nappies lol..I mean, do you have any idea how expensive those things are? so start saving now and use your money wisely.

learn to say NO. I know your’e a sensitive person and you don’t want to hurt other people’s feelings but trust me, some things you just have to harden up and say no. Because at the end of the day, everything else will be fine and you will be the one suffering. So save yourself the drama and learn today.

don’t be so quick to date! trust me when I say, you will have all the time in the world to date. Most guys are jerks and you will come to the realisation that, your prince charming; the one who will love you for you and make you happy will come later in life. So, be patient.

don’t be crushing on celebrities because I’m telling you now, it’s a complete waste of time lol..I mean, they don’t even know you exist..I know your friends will have one particular celebrity they admire and what not..but c’mon now! Is Chris Brown gonna take you to the temple? Uhhhh, I don’t think so! So, don’t invest your time on unnecessary things.

appreciate the little things. You will find that the best things in life are for free. You will realise that you don’t need expensive things to make you happy but rather the small and simple things you wouldn’t even think it’l make a difference. So take advantage!


One thought on “To be 16 again

  1. Hahahahah a good read and I loved the advice Ati about weight worrying, money budgeting and crushing on celebs (you know me with all my Korean biases lol)


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