Work with what you have..

So this is how our morning went..

Our usual routine went from a feed to a bath and then a photoshoot lol..yes, I know crazy new mother syndrome..haha

My sweet girl was very good to me and lasted throughout our mini photoshoot sesh. Thank you to my sweet sweet handsome husband for buying my two favourite toys at the moment-  of which I will post a pic of it real soon.

Due to this ridiculous weather, we couldn’t go outdoors or go somewhere fancy to take our photos. So I had to work with what I had and make it happen. Bear in mind that I am no professional photographer nor I claim to be one, sooooo be nice! lol..these pictures were just for fun and of course trying out my new toy!

So enjoy xx

My two fave things. Thanks babe!








So of course, I didn’t have ANY fancy props to work with. I don’t know if you can tell from the pictures; but we took our pictures on our bed in our bedroom lol. I used our headboard as a backdrop and it turned out alright.

I used different headbands on her so the pictures don’t look too plain. Also, the butterflies I ordered online a while ago to decorate the walls and these are the ones that decided to fall off lol- So I included them in the pictures.

And the background of the picture is just our white blanket and some pillows to help with levelling lol- and voila! you got yourself some good looking pictures lol.

You don’t have to go to such extreme or buy expensive items for a photoshoot. Just work with what you have and you will be surprised with the outcome!

Ati xx


6 thoughts on “Work with what you have..

  1. What an awesome idea Ati, pics look amazing and so natural your gal is georgous your doing an awesome job and thanks for sharing your talents with others like me😀


    1. Dawn!! Thank you!! I figured I had to just use what I have because the diapers alone is so expensive lol..thank you for stopping by! love to you and yours xxx


  2. Have a similar picture next year Lyca may be you will have shoulder length locks by then? I Love the props and firm believer of ” work with what you have”.

    My team should read this blog and hoping there will be lots of ‘light bulb’ and ‘aha moments’.


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