Being a Mom

I haven’t had time to blog only because, I’m too busy being a mom lol- but hey! I’m not complaining. I looooove being a mom to my little girl! She is the most beautiful little human I’ve ever seen!! I thought getting married was ‘anti’- nope! try having a baby- your whole world will change lol- for the better of course. 
Ever since I’ve given birth, I haven’t really had any time to take care of myself. I mean… hair is still in the same state as I was in labour like…4 weeks ago! and it smells like hospital. My eyebrows has grown itself nearly to the same height as my forehead, my facial hair needs a good 2 hours of threading and lets not even talk about the hairs on my legs :/ 
BUT..I love that she keeps me busy and I love that I get to stay with her all day. Now that I am a mom, it makes me appreciate all the little things that my mom did for us growing up (not that I didn’t appreciate them before lol). But it made me realize how important the role of being a mom is; and how tiring and rewarding it is. 
I think once you become a mom, you develop a different kind of love- a love that is different to your friends, family, work colleagues, husband (lol). I often forget that besides my daughter taking up most of my time, my husband also needs attention and love, and I need to remind myself that. But I’m sure he knows that I love him regardless. Right babe? lol 
Hopefully once we establish a much more easier routine, I will have time to take care of myself- instead of looking more and more like a zombie each day. But hey! I’m not complaining lol. 
I love you my girl. 
Mom xo

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