Mother’s Day

So, the week before mother’s day; my husband and I went on a date to the mall. This is our usual routine in the weekend. We would either go for a drive to Otahuhu and dine at our fave Vietnamese Restaurant-Sam Woos, visit the night market, drive out West and visit my family or just drive to the mall and do some window shopping lol.

Because during the week, i have already made up my mind what i wanted for mother’s day; my husband insisted that we go to the mall to pick up batteries for his go-pro. (So, I happily agreed because I knew this is a perfect time to show him what I wanted for mother’s day lol)
We picked up his batteries and we went for a walk around the mall. I saw the Pharmacy store ahead and so I told him I wanted to go inside and have a look. We got to the store and I walked straight to the perfume section lol. I searched for the perfume I wanted and showed it to him and told him THIS is what I wanted for mother’s day. He looked at the perfume and looked at me and said, ‘what a craaaack up’ LOL.

After laughing at me with my cunning plans, he agreed to buy it for me right there on the spot. But because i wanted it to be great and marvelous, I insisted that he gets it wrapped in a nice gift wrapping paper, write a little note and address it to me. Is that too much to ask? lol. I reminded him that out of all his hobbies and interests, this is the time that he should put a little more effort into. So we walked away from the shop, perfume (less) and thinking to myself- ‘Oh gosh, I should’ve just got the perfume right then when I had the chance’ LOL 

So through out the week, I kept making little comments about perfumes and reminded him about mother’s day lol. You know, just incase he forgets lol.

Came the morning of Mother’s Day, I woke up and lo and behold; there sitting on the drawer, was my perfume all wrapped in the nice gift wrapping paper, a note and it was addressed to me. Just how I wanted it- lol. 

Thank you to my dear husband for going above and beyond to make me happy- and for making this mother’s day extra special for me. I love you! Now, its just any day before we get to meet our little princess.

 I would also like to wish my dearest mother a happy mother’s day. You are the most self-less person I know and also the most hardworking. Thank you for teaching me all that I know and for continuing to teach me even now that I am married. I love you and if I become half the person that you are, I’d consider myself to be a great mom.

Also, a happy mother’s day to my mother-in-law. You have accepted me as one of your own and loved me like no other. Thank you for raising such a wonderful young man that I now call my husband. I hope this mother’s day will bring you nothing but pure love and happiness.

Lastly, I would like to wish all the mother figures out there a happy mother’s day! I hope you all got to spent it with your loved ones and all your wishes came true today. 

Love always, 
Ati xo 

Me and mother dear. 

My sweet mother in law. She is a chef, so you would find her in the kitchen most of the time cooking up a storm. 
A happy mother’s day to myself! 🙂

My mother’s day present all wrapped up 🙂


My heart is full

I’m sitting here at home and I cannot help but think about all the things I have gone through in the last 25 years of my life. 
Some great moments and some  ‘not so great’ moments. However, I personally believe that such experiences has prepared myself for the sacred role I am about to embark in the next couple of days. Growing up, my mother has always been my absolute role model and the one person I wish to be when I myself become a mother. She is my definition of hard work and I know for sure if I become half the person that she is, I’d consider myself to be a great mom. 
Although I am married and have a family of my own, I am continuously surrounded by powerful and such hardworking women. These women give meaning to the sacred role they hold as a mother and they have played a huge part in my life. 
In the next couple days or so, or in 10 days to be exact; I will be a mother. A mother to a beautiful little girl. My heart is filled with so many emotions and I know for sure all of the things I have gone through in the past, has prepared me for this moment. Just knowing that Heavenly Father has chosen us to be parents to one of his children in this life, is humbling on its own.

I don’t know exactly how I’m gona be once my little girl is here, (probably an emotional wreck) lol- but all I know is that I will try my best to be the best mother I could be to her. I was raised by the best mother that I know and continue to be surrounded by such amazing bunch of women; so I think I’m gona be ok.

My husband and I are excited for the arrival of our baby and as newly parents to be, we are looking forward to the sleep less nights. Well, I don’t know about my husband but I am going to have some good sleep. I think I’ve done my part for the past 9 months carrying this child, now it’s my husband’s turn lol

I am excited, scared, nervous all in one! but one thing i know for sure is, that my heart is full.

lots of love,
Ati xx

*special thanks to my dear friend Mele for taking these beautiful pictures!