Baby Shower Galore!

After months and weeks of changing plans back and forth,
I finally had my baby shower! lol well, baby shower(s).
I was so fortunate enough to not only have 1 baby shower, but 3!! I know right?!! I have the most amazing groups of friends, work colleagues and also family who loved me that much to spoil me with gifts and so much love. Well, spoil the baby with gifts, not me lol..
Because I am in the Young Women’s Programme, my amazing YW’s president and first counsellor decided to throw me a baby shower with the youth. Considering this is my FIRST ever baby shower, everything was more than what I had expected and I was so humbled by all the efforts they had put into it. My good friend Elayne Montgomery opened her home to us and she made sure that everything was perfect! and it was. She did an amazing job with the decorations, food and drink, games and also gifts. She’s the type of person that will go ALL OUT with whatever assignment that is given to her, and that is exactly what she did for my baby shower. I love her and I am grateful for all she has done for me. I know the youth had put in so much planning and effort to make my baby shower a success and it definitely was!
The following day, my work colleagues decided to take me out for lunch and also have a mini baby shower while we were there. Of course we decided to dine at our all time favourite restaurant- Black Smith, as the food there never fails to disappoint us. Again, I was so humbled by all their efforts and showering me and baby with so many gifts. I am grateful that I have the opportunity to work with a great bunch of women. Thank you for all you have done for me. 
On the weekend, I finally had my main baby shower will ALL my friends and families. Leading up to this day, I made sure that I had everything ready from decorations, food menu, party favours and also games. Everything wouldn’t be possible without the help of my family and also my inlaws. A part from the help of my husband, my brother and everyone else; my unlce Mo’unga came extra early to put up the decorations and set up the hall and made sure that everything was perfect for me. I love him so much and you can see why he is my favourite uncle lol. I am also grateful for the help of my inlaws who worked tirelessly to make sure the food was at its 100% best, and it was! 
My amazing and talented bestfriend, did my baby shower cake and can I just say, (a part from my husband) lol, it was the most good looking thing I have ever seen!!! the cake was absolutely beautiful and I know she worked so hard to make it perfect for me.
A special thank you to all my friends and families that was able to attend. Thank you so much for all the wonderful gifts and thank you so much for making my baby shower that much special. I love you all and I’m sure my baby appreciates all the love and gifts that was given.
Lots of love, 
   Ati xx
All the yummy food!
Some of the presents from the youth.
Some of the young women!
Thank you for all you do!
Sorry guys this is the ONLY picture I have of you guys lol
Seriously, look how good this looks?!
My gifts from my work colleagues.
More gifts!
At my main baby shower.
Party Favours.
More food!
So many gifts!
Look at my cake!!! isn’t it just the prettiest thing ever?
My mom! Thanks Mom for my dress.
Me and Aunty Lani.
Love you baba! thanks for being your annoying self lol
Nevermind how obese I look lol my little brother and little sister!
Everyone playing games.
My fave pic- because my dad is smiling! lol
Me and besty. Thank you for doing my cake!!!
Just me and my huge stomach lol
My baby shower with the youth.