Happy Birthday Silia!

So, today is my little sister’s birthday! Happy Birthday Silia!
Let me tell you about my little sister Silia.
Silia is the youngest in our family and also the tallest. Growing up in a family with 3 older sisters, was always hard for Silia. From a young age, she would often watch us 3 older ones dress up, wear makeup, dye our hair, high heels and so forth..and now and again, we would find her impersonating those things to a point where she cut her own hair LOL- let’s just say it didn’t end well for Silia LOL
However, having a little sister is always fun. We would always ask her to do things for us and of course, she would only do it if there’s something given to her in return.
She’s at an age and time where the things of the world has become such a big influence. You know, the need to have certain things, keeping up with the latest technology, the need to have the latest pair of jeans or certain style of shoes, the need to be in certain places because that’s where everyone ‘hang out’ etc..
But amongst all these, I want her to know that it’s ok if she doesn’t have the latest IPhone or the latest style in shoes. What matters most is how you choose to live in the world and not be so influenced by the things of the world. You are a bright young woman and a perfect babysitter for my baby! lol
I love you Lia, and although at times we have our differences or sometimes I tell you off, give you growlings and snitch on you; just know that I do it simply because I love you.
I hope all your wishes will come true today!
I will see you later on this week. I’ll take you to McDonald’s and you can have allll the frozen cokes you want! 🙂
Love you Lia xx

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