30 Weeks Update

Soooo, I wanted to do a quick update on my pregnancy so far.
This week I will be 30 weeks!!!! Yikees!! Where did the time go?! It’s funny how 9 months feels like yonky years but it actually goes by really fast! Soon enough we will be holding our little bundle of joy and we are both excited!!
Ok so here goes:
  • Don’t get me wrong, pregnancy is the most incredible experience a woman can ever go through. However, I wasn’t really prepared for all the changes it was going to do to my body. The pain, the mood swings, the annoying food cravings, the need to vomit in the most random places, the dizziness, the heart burn, the ridiculous weight gain, and the list goes on! But amongst all these changes, I often remind myself that there is a little human being growing inside of me and all pains are definitely worth it!
  • As of now, I can no longer see my feet :/ I mean, my stomach is SO HUGE that when I stand up, I cannot see my toes lol
  • Getting in and out of the car, has become my absolute worst routine during the day! Because I drive to work, I fight with myself every morning to figure out a much more easier way to get in and out of the car.   
  • Let’s talk about sleeping. I used to enjoy sleeping- keyword: ‘used’. Finding a comfortable position to sleep in is a pain on it’s own! I turn from side to side every night to find a comfortable spot and usually lie flat on my back the whole night!
  • Going out places has now become my least favourite thing to do. I used to enjoy getting ready and changing from one outfit to the other. Now, the mere thought of finding something to wear is just too painful. And not to mention, that NOTHING in my closet fits me anymore. The struggle is definitely real!
  • Because I’ve gotten so enormously huge, it is so hard to keep cool in this ridiculous heat!! I now carry a little fan with me everywhere I go. And to be honest, it actually feels like the heat is twice as bad when your pregnant!
  • I now find it hard to pick up things from the ground. I mean, I miss just having to easily bend and pick up items, but now I just look absolutely ridiculous in trying; let alone the pain of it! So now, I just give up and usually get my husband to do it for me lol
  • Those baby kicks. I loooooove having to feel her kick. It’s the coolest feeling ever and in fact; I think it’s the best part during pregnancy. But sometimes those kicks comes so hard; that she kicks right in my bladder causing me to rush to the bathroom!
  • I can no longer shave my legs nor wear shoes with laces or straps. Long dresses and leggings has officially become my new best friends and jandals and flats is my new thing now :/
  •        I often find myself hungry in the middle of night. Or even worse, in the early hours of the morning!! I don’t know if it’s the baby or just me? LOL
  • My cravings. In my first couple of weeks of pregnancy, all I can eat was cold oranges. Then it went to watermelon and now pineapples! I’m just happy that it’s not some weird and bizarre cravings that I know most women have! 
     As I mentioned earlier, all these changes are definitely worth it. If it by means to bring forth another life to this earth, then I am all for it! I am excited for the next couple of weeks and to finally meet our baby girl.
Ati xo

Our princess xo

4 thoughts on “30 Weeks Update

  1. Wow Ati i love your writing i was engaged the entire read…ABSOLUTE beauty to know of these things before my time hahahaha…i still wont be prepared enough ay lol haha


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