Misionary Mondays

Mondays are always a blur. Well, for me anyways lol
I dread Mondays only because its the next day after the weekend and NOBODY wants to go back to work. And usually by the end of the week, my memory of what I did on Monday just goes out the window! That’s what I mean by ‘blur’.
However, this particular Monday I quite enjoyed. Something rather different to what I’m normally used to.
Every Monday when I get to work, the first thing I usually do is check my emails. Sometimes I just open every single email, read it and then don’t reply lol- (I know, don’t judge me!) haha..but then I’d reply the following day and begin my emails with “My apologies for the late reply as blah blah blah…”  you know, all those fluffy words to make it sound genuinely real.
To my surprise, I received a email from Sister Nemaia! I got so excited only because its something different to what I normally see every Monday. It wasn’t a work related email or an update on a blog I recently followed, email from the bank or whatever it was..it was a mail that I wasn’t expecting.
This automatically bought back memories of how I used to email my brother whilst he was on his mission. Sister Nemaia’s email was indeed a great start to my week! I enjoyed reading her email and it was a good little change from all the boring work emails I usually read and reply hundred years later to LOL
She shared something in her email that I particularly liked:
“This week through my studies I was happy to read from Alma, talking about Zeezrom and how He was wicked and led so many people away from the church but at the END, was humble enough to admit to his sins.. and confess to others that HE was wrong and that he was guilty. SOMETIMES us as people, are to ashamed to admit that we are wrong.. when we have done wrong. sometimes we have to much pride in our hearts and are puffed up! BUT i learnt that ..from Zeezroms example.. Just confess your mistakes and transgressions, as long as you repent and strive to change”.. 
Change can be a challenge on it’s own. Admitting that we are in the wrong can be a challenge on it’s own too. And sometimes I find myself guilty of this. I usually brush off the idea that I’m in the wrong; fearing that other’s would judge me and think less of me. But again, who are they to judge right? Nobody is perfect but as long as we strive to change, that’s all Heavenly Father asks of us.
I was able to witness the power of missionary work when my brother was on his mission. We were blessed simply because of the efforts my brother put into the work. And now, I get to experience it all over again. Since Sister Nemaia started her mission, we really did see the blessings we receive simply because of her service. Heavenly Father really does take care of your family whilst your loved ones are out on the field.
What a sweet reunion it will be when she returns home to her family, after successfully serving a full time mission.
Sister Nemaia, continue to serve well; work hard and pray always. I know for sure Heavenly Father has set aside people that ONLY you can reach and teach. I am so proud of you and what you have accomplished thus far. I know every step will not be easy but just remember that the work that you do, is for their salvation. And those are the blessings and feelings that only you can experience, no one else. 
I love you, I pray for you and I’ll be here cheering for you when you return home. 
Lots of love, 
Ati xo
Sister Nemaia and her friends from the ward.

If you know her, you know that she is totally in her element! She’s always been the talented/creative one.

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