Distance makes the heart grow fonder

Today, I’m missing my sisters. I mean, I miss them everyday but today I miss them more.
Growing up we always knew we were going to get married and have families of our own. But none of us predicted that we would live in separate countries.
To be honest I can’t remember the last time we were actually together in one place. We would always travel and visit each other but nothing feels the same when we are all together.
So this year, we plan to hold a small family gathering and ALL of us are going to be there! So I am very excited and can’t wait!!!!
I come from a family of 5 and I myself, being the middle child. Other’s would call it ‘the middle child syndrome’ lol- But being the middle child, I would always take advantage of the fact that I had 2 older sisters and would often blame them on many things. And because they were much older, my parents would expect better from them as to us younger ones lol
I miss all the times we would do everything together. Whether it’s going to a YSA dance, fireside, op-shopping, garage sales on Saturdays or anything that is food-related lol
I miss our lazy days where we would just chill in the room and watch tv.
I miss Sunday mornings where we would all get ready for church and rush to take pictures in the front lawn LOL- and some Sunday mornings can get really crazy, fighting over the hair straightener lol
I miss the late night gossips and midnight runs to McDonald’s.
Because we had to share the car between us, I miss the days where we would ONLY put gas just enough for whoever was using it. Stingy much? And Tita was the master at this! LOL
I miss  the silent game we would play on each other after an argument.
I miss ALOT of things but most importantly, I miss you both.
Now we’re all married and have families of our own and I am counting down days til we see each other again.
What a sweet reunion that will be!
Ati xo
One of our many Sunday pictures lol

Us with our good friend Jess.

Quality sucks-but I like this picture! Tita didn’t quite get the memo to show her teeth too lol

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