Long Weekend Fun

What a much needed rest it was this long weekend! The long weekend we had previously, we didn’t do anything. We decided it was a good idea instead to stay home and do some cleaning, washing and cleaned our cars. So, for this long weekend; I refused to stay home and do cleaning! lol- I wanted to get out of the house and do something.
So as soon as Dalvin got home from touch, we got ready and we left. Having no set plans of what we were going to do, we just jumped in the car and followed the road to where ever it was leading us lol.
My parents had a ward picnic at Okahu Bay so we decided to stop over and say hello. Well, it was more than just a stop over lol We were there for a couple of hours and we also had lunch with them haha (Thanks Mom for the yummy sandwiches!). The weather was SO NICE and it was great to see some familiar faces from my old ward. We chilled for a bit and we decided to leave and continue on with our road trip.
We decided to go meet up with Dalvin’s cousins at Kawakawa Bay and go for a swim. To drive there from Mission Bay, was the loooooongest drive of my life! It felt like I was driving for years! :/ Luckily, the road was smooth and traffic was bliss! We finally got to Kawakawa Bay and let me tell you, It was worth the long drive!!! It was so beautiful! However, the pictures Dalvin took didn’t do justice to what it looked like in real life.
Next thing we knew, we were on the road again and ended up in Orere Point! lol- Apparently, it’s a well known spot for swimming, so we had to check it out. The water was nice and refreshing and because I was pregnant; I was being forced to stay on shore and take pictures and videos instead zzz lol
We finally got ourselves ready and we drove back home. We didn’t leave from Orere Point til 7pm; so by the time we got back to Papakura we were staaaaarving!!! We stopped by at KFC and had dinner and we went home.
It was a great day to get out of the house and do something. We thoroughly enjoyed our little day out and we hope everyone else did so too.
Happy Waitangi Day family and friends!
His fake smile killed my picture zzz


Welcome to Kawakawa Bay!


These pictures didn’t even do justice to how beautiful it was!


Silia the genius decided to play without her shoes and got stung by a bee! lol


Because he killed my photo, I had to force a real smile outta him!


Orere Point 🙂


Traffic was the best ever!

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