This new and everlasting covenant

I want to talk marriage. Marriage is somewhat a contract. A contract between you and your husband/wife ordained of God. And with that contract, comes specific concerns, specific circumstances, specific trials and sometimes when those specific complications aren’t resolved, it can  result in terminating the contract.
Not saying that our marriage is heading in that direction! lol but when I got married, I quickly learned that marriage is about give and take. There was no more me, me, me but rather me AND another significant other. Personally, I don’t think anyone is ever ready for marriage. Although, others may say that they knew the time was right to get married. But how do you know tho? It’s such a big commitment to engage yourself in and I guess that’s what scared me most about marriage. Growing up, my parents would say; ‘One day, you will have a family of your own and this is the time to prepare yourself for it’ and I remember in my head thinking, ‘yeah, right!’ I guess I just didn’t want to have any responsibilities because I was so comfortable living at home where everything was taken care of for me and my siblings. But who was I kidding right? Obviously I wasn’t gona stay with my parents for the rest of my life lol.- So I knew at some point in my life, I was gona get married and move away from home.
I remember when me and my husband were dating and marriage became a serious topic, I was so scared to fully compel myself to such a big  commitment. If I can’t even take care of myself, imagine having another person to take care of and be responsible for? (Yes I know what your thinking, get over yourself Ati! not everything is about you lol)- But I had to trust in the Lord that everything will be ok. All I knew at the time was, I love this guy and I want to be with him, so hopefully the rest will work out for the better. And usually that’s all that matters right?
Now that I am married and have a little family of my own, I can honestly say marriage is a blessing. It’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me and to share that with your special someone, makes it that much special. That doesn’t mean everything in our marriage is smooth and peachy. Of course we’ve had a fair share of our differences, misunderstandings and cries (lol)- but it’s these trials that makes us stronger and become more closer to each other. It’s great that we get to experience these trials with each other because at the end of the day, its just me and him; no one else.
I am grateful for a loving husband. He wasn’t just a person that entered into this contract with me but rather my eternal companion that I get to call my husband. As I mentioned earlier, this contract comes with specific circumstances and my husband’s role varies depending on whatever circumstance we are going through. He is my number one supporter in whatever I do, he is my comforter whenever I am feeling down, he is my soul mate, my lover, my business partner, my personal trainer, and most importantly, he’s my priesthood holder at home.
I know I’m not the easiest person to live with, but you always sacrifice your needs so that I can be happy! I love you and I’m grateful that it’s you I entered into this contract with. 
Ati xx                

One thought on “This new and everlasting covenant

  1. LOVE it Ati … The struggle is so much cooler to overcome with someone you unconditionally love ay…love grows, even when you think you already love them…the ugly is worth it because the peachy part is SO worth the fight…your stuff is the bomb !!! Probably coz im nosey hahahaha


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