Misionary Mondays

Mondays are always a blur. Well, for me anyways lol
I dread Mondays only because its the next day after the weekend and NOBODY wants to go back to work. And usually by the end of the week, my memory of what I did on Monday just goes out the window! That’s what I mean by ‘blur’.
However, this particular Monday I quite enjoyed. Something rather different to what I’m normally used to.
Every Monday when I get to work, the first thing I usually do is check my emails. Sometimes I just open every single email, read it and then don’t reply lol- (I know, don’t judge me!) haha..but then I’d reply the following day and begin my emails with “My apologies for the late reply as blah blah blah…”  you know, all those fluffy words to make it sound genuinely real.
To my surprise, I received a email from Sister Nemaia! I got so excited only because its something different to what I normally see every Monday. It wasn’t a work related email or an update on a blog I recently followed, email from the bank or whatever it was..it was a mail that I wasn’t expecting.
This automatically bought back memories of how I used to email my brother whilst he was on his mission. Sister Nemaia’s email was indeed a great start to my week! I enjoyed reading her email and it was a good little change from all the boring work emails I usually read and reply hundred years later to LOL
She shared something in her email that I particularly liked:
“This week through my studies I was happy to read from Alma, talking about Zeezrom and how He was wicked and led so many people away from the church but at the END, was humble enough to admit to his sins.. and confess to others that HE was wrong and that he was guilty. SOMETIMES us as people, are to ashamed to admit that we are wrong.. when we have done wrong. sometimes we have to much pride in our hearts and are puffed up! BUT i learnt that ..from Zeezroms example.. Just confess your mistakes and transgressions, as long as you repent and strive to change”.. 
Change can be a challenge on it’s own. Admitting that we are in the wrong can be a challenge on it’s own too. And sometimes I find myself guilty of this. I usually brush off the idea that I’m in the wrong; fearing that other’s would judge me and think less of me. But again, who are they to judge right? Nobody is perfect but as long as we strive to change, that’s all Heavenly Father asks of us.
I was able to witness the power of missionary work when my brother was on his mission. We were blessed simply because of the efforts my brother put into the work. And now, I get to experience it all over again. Since Sister Nemaia started her mission, we really did see the blessings we receive simply because of her service. Heavenly Father really does take care of your family whilst your loved ones are out on the field.
What a sweet reunion it will be when she returns home to her family, after successfully serving a full time mission.
Sister Nemaia, continue to serve well; work hard and pray always. I know for sure Heavenly Father has set aside people that ONLY you can reach and teach. I am so proud of you and what you have accomplished thus far. I know every step will not be easy but just remember that the work that you do, is for their salvation. And those are the blessings and feelings that only you can experience, no one else. 
I love you, I pray for you and I’ll be here cheering for you when you return home. 
Lots of love, 
Ati xo
Sister Nemaia and her friends from the ward.

If you know her, you know that she is totally in her element! She’s always been the talented/creative one.

Distance makes the heart grow fonder

Today, I’m missing my sisters. I mean, I miss them everyday but today I miss them more.
Growing up we always knew we were going to get married and have families of our own. But none of us predicted that we would live in separate countries.
To be honest I can’t remember the last time we were actually together in one place. We would always travel and visit each other but nothing feels the same when we are all together.
So this year, we plan to hold a small family gathering and ALL of us are going to be there! So I am very excited and can’t wait!!!!
I come from a family of 5 and I myself, being the middle child. Other’s would call it ‘the middle child syndrome’ lol- But being the middle child, I would always take advantage of the fact that I had 2 older sisters and would often blame them on many things. And because they were much older, my parents would expect better from them as to us younger ones lol
I miss all the times we would do everything together. Whether it’s going to a YSA dance, fireside, op-shopping, garage sales on Saturdays or anything that is food-related lol
I miss our lazy days where we would just chill in the room and watch tv.
I miss Sunday mornings where we would all get ready for church and rush to take pictures in the front lawn LOL- and some Sunday mornings can get really crazy, fighting over the hair straightener lol
I miss the late night gossips and midnight runs to McDonald’s.
Because we had to share the car between us, I miss the days where we would ONLY put gas just enough for whoever was using it. Stingy much? And Tita was the master at this! LOL
I miss  the silent game we would play on each other after an argument.
I miss ALOT of things but most importantly, I miss you both.
Now we’re all married and have families of our own and I am counting down days til we see each other again.
What a sweet reunion that will be!
Ati xo
One of our many Sunday pictures lol

Us with our good friend Jess.

Quality sucks-but I like this picture! Tita didn’t quite get the memo to show her teeth too lol

Long Weekend Fun

What a much needed rest it was this long weekend! The long weekend we had previously, we didn’t do anything. We decided it was a good idea instead to stay home and do some cleaning, washing and cleaned our cars. So, for this long weekend; I refused to stay home and do cleaning! lol- I wanted to get out of the house and do something.
So as soon as Dalvin got home from touch, we got ready and we left. Having no set plans of what we were going to do, we just jumped in the car and followed the road to where ever it was leading us lol.
My parents had a ward picnic at Okahu Bay so we decided to stop over and say hello. Well, it was more than just a stop over lol We were there for a couple of hours and we also had lunch with them haha (Thanks Mom for the yummy sandwiches!). The weather was SO NICE and it was great to see some familiar faces from my old ward. We chilled for a bit and we decided to leave and continue on with our road trip.
We decided to go meet up with Dalvin’s cousins at Kawakawa Bay and go for a swim. To drive there from Mission Bay, was the loooooongest drive of my life! It felt like I was driving for years! :/ Luckily, the road was smooth and traffic was bliss! We finally got to Kawakawa Bay and let me tell you, It was worth the long drive!!! It was so beautiful! However, the pictures Dalvin took didn’t do justice to what it looked like in real life.
Next thing we knew, we were on the road again and ended up in Orere Point! lol- Apparently, it’s a well known spot for swimming, so we had to check it out. The water was nice and refreshing and because I was pregnant; I was being forced to stay on shore and take pictures and videos instead zzz lol
We finally got ourselves ready and we drove back home. We didn’t leave from Orere Point til 7pm; so by the time we got back to Papakura we were staaaaarving!!! We stopped by at KFC and had dinner and we went home.
It was a great day to get out of the house and do something. We thoroughly enjoyed our little day out and we hope everyone else did so too.
Happy Waitangi Day family and friends!
His fake smile killed my picture zzz


Welcome to Kawakawa Bay!


These pictures didn’t even do justice to how beautiful it was!


Silia the genius decided to play without her shoes and got stung by a bee! lol


Because he killed my photo, I had to force a real smile outta him!


Orere Point 🙂


Traffic was the best ever!

This new and everlasting covenant

I want to talk marriage. Marriage is somewhat a contract. A contract between you and your husband/wife ordained of God. And with that contract, comes specific concerns, specific circumstances, specific trials and sometimes when those specific complications aren’t resolved, it can  result in terminating the contract.
Not saying that our marriage is heading in that direction! lol but when I got married, I quickly learned that marriage is about give and take. There was no more me, me, me but rather me AND another significant other. Personally, I don’t think anyone is ever ready for marriage. Although, others may say that they knew the time was right to get married. But how do you know tho? It’s such a big commitment to engage yourself in and I guess that’s what scared me most about marriage. Growing up, my parents would say; ‘One day, you will have a family of your own and this is the time to prepare yourself for it’ and I remember in my head thinking, ‘yeah, right!’ I guess I just didn’t want to have any responsibilities because I was so comfortable living at home where everything was taken care of for me and my siblings. But who was I kidding right? Obviously I wasn’t gona stay with my parents for the rest of my life lol.- So I knew at some point in my life, I was gona get married and move away from home.
I remember when me and my husband were dating and marriage became a serious topic, I was so scared to fully compel myself to such a big  commitment. If I can’t even take care of myself, imagine having another person to take care of and be responsible for? (Yes I know what your thinking, get over yourself Ati! not everything is about you lol)- But I had to trust in the Lord that everything will be ok. All I knew at the time was, I love this guy and I want to be with him, so hopefully the rest will work out for the better. And usually that’s all that matters right?
Now that I am married and have a little family of my own, I can honestly say marriage is a blessing. It’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me and to share that with your special someone, makes it that much special. That doesn’t mean everything in our marriage is smooth and peachy. Of course we’ve had a fair share of our differences, misunderstandings and cries (lol)- but it’s these trials that makes us stronger and become more closer to each other. It’s great that we get to experience these trials with each other because at the end of the day, its just me and him; no one else.
I am grateful for a loving husband. He wasn’t just a person that entered into this contract with me but rather my eternal companion that I get to call my husband. As I mentioned earlier, this contract comes with specific circumstances and my husband’s role varies depending on whatever circumstance we are going through. He is my number one supporter in whatever I do, he is my comforter whenever I am feeling down, he is my soul mate, my lover, my business partner, my personal trainer, and most importantly, he’s my priesthood holder at home.
I know I’m not the easiest person to live with, but you always sacrifice your needs so that I can be happy! I love you and I’m grateful that it’s you I entered into this contract with. 
Ati xx