My love story

Everyone has a unique love story about how they met ‘the one’. Let me tell you mine.
It all started in March 2012. I was a full time student studying at AUT University. One day after my class, I went to the institute building to have my lunch. I remember at the time, I was going through a ‘mushroom’ phase; so ALL I ate that entire week was mushrooms. So, of course that’s what I had for lunch. While I was enjoying my lunch, a friend of mine came and introduced me to her guy friend and said he’s name was Dalvin. First of all, I was annoyed because I was in the middle of having my lunch and the last thing I wanted to do was make small talk with someone I just met. So when she introduced him to me, I didn’t really care because..well, I was too hungry to care LOL..
So, here I was awkwardly sitting down trying to eat and then he made a comment about my food. He said, “what are you eating? it looks like mush”. Then he went on to saying that my iPhone case looks fake. At that point, I literally hated his guts. I mean, I didn’t like the fact I was being disturbed but then to make comments about my food and my iPhone case, I literally did NOT like him. So I went away that day, thinking to myself- what a total loser! lol..
Couple of days later, I would always see him at the Institute Building. He was one of those people that will go around and annoy everyone and make a lot of noise and just be like….you know? annoying! lol- So I reaaaaaalllyyyy didn’t like him. I found out later on that we were in the same class for one of our papers! and when I found out, my eyeballs just about fell to the ground. I knew it was gona be a loooong semester. BUT, it turned out to be not that bad after all. I mean, don’t get me wrong; he was STILL annoying but because he had the text book and I hadn’t, why not try to be nice to the guy right? lol- I know, I sound like such a user but I promise it wasn’t all like that! LOL
Things started to get worse after that. I would go for lunch and come back to find little notes on my laptop or in my work book!! And of course everyone knew he did it because that’s how annoying he was.- Like he wasn’t known because he was a nice guy or he was smart, or whatever, but he was known for being annoying. Plus, the things he was into and he’s interests was not my thing and definitely NOT my type of guy I would date.

Half way into the semester, he asked if we could hang or do dinner and he would come and pick me up. And because I’ve been using his text book, I thought maybe I’d return the favour. So then I agreed and said why not! I mean I already know he’s annoying- so ONE hang out wouldn’t hurt.

He came to pick me up and he was dressed nicely and looked presentable, and here I was thinking it was just a casual hangout, so I dressed comfortably and wore my sweat pants and jumper. I felt SO horry on another level- But then, it was just Dalvin soooo who cares right? We decided to go get Burger King and just chill and talk and go for rides somewhere. As we got to talking, to my surprise; he was a completely different person. I got to really find out the kind of person he was. Like, amongst all the annoyingness, tough-like personality, he was really a big softie and genuinely a nice guy. We got carried away in our conversation that we realised it was 3 in the AM!!!! I didn’t expect myself to enjoy our hangout, but it turned out to be a nice little outing.

We got to hang out more after that, and the rest was history! lol 
We got engaged on the 6th of January 2014 and got married on the 6th of December 2014. Yes, we were engaged for nearly a whole year lol. 

Now I am happy married to my handsome husband and expecting our first baby this coming May 🙂

Lots of love, 
Ati xx

This was after a fireside! Mangere Bridge is so beautiful! well, only at night time lol
My birthday date! 🙂
My first time trying Sam Woos- their spring rolls is to die for!
He’s not a sushi type of person, but I had to force him to try one of my favourite foods! It was a sushi date 🙂
Strawberry Farm! This was after a stressful week of exams! We thought we would reward ourselves on the last day.
As you can tell by now, we love to eat! LOL Dunkin Donuts! our fave donut place 🙂
Cruising doing some xmas shopping!
This was taken at a fireside. Cant remember what fireside it was, but I do remember sleeping through it lol
One of our favourite places to go- Botanical Gardens 🙂
A looooooong day at uni!
The night we got engaged! 🙂
Matching outfits was our thing! still is! Our first Sunday being engaged 🙂
At one of our many firesides 🙂

See what I mean? a.n.n.o.y.i.n.g! lol



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