All in ONE

Its a new yeaaaaaaar!!!! Happy new year to all my family and friends! 2016 is an exciting year and there are so many things my family and I look forward to this year! First of all, we are looking forward to welcoming our little princess this coming May and we are SO EXCITED!! secondly, we are in the process of planning our first family holiday trip this November, and I hope all goes well according to plan!
From the last time I blogged, which was likeeee last year November :/ (I know, slack right?) a lot has happened! and I will try my best to include eveeeeryyythiingggg on here..
My little niece Taina was here for a couple of weeks, and although she was suppose to spend Christmas with us, her parents decided to take her back 2 DAYS BEFORE CHRISTMAS!!!! (I knooooooow!! who does that??) lol but I know my parents really enjoyed her short time with us and also enjoyed spoiling her! 
My cousin Barbara was also here, and she was able to spend Christmas with us. She is a very hard working girl and my niece Taina and nephew John is lucky to have her as their babysitter. I was sad that I wasn’t able to spend that much time with her; only because stayed hundred years away!!   
 My mother in law also came down from Niue to spend Christmas with us! It was so good to have her around home and I enjoyed eating all her delicious food! 🙂
Christmas this year was somewhat different. We decided to have it simple and have the opportunity to really enjoy the true meaning of Christmas. For our secret Santa gifts, we had to be creative this year and only had to spend $10. I personally thought it was a great idea! we really got to think hard about our gifts and put a lot of effort into it.
Over the holidays, I turned 25!!!! Can you believe I’m half way through 50??!!! lol..oh well, I’m glad I made it this far and looking back to the last 24 years of my life, I have accomplished a lot and look forward to what lies ahead! My husband took me and my family out for dinner to celebrate my birthday and of course we dined at my all-time favourite restaurant- Genghis Khan! 🙂
My little big brother also came down from Australia to spend Christmas with us, and I made sure that he paid for everything I wanted 🙂 only because I knew he was getting good pay whilst working in Australia lol
Paane’s cousin Moni and his family was also here for Christmas and New Years! Dalvin and I took them out whilst they were here. We enjoyed their company and it was great to see new faces! Hopefully we will see them again in the near future.
2015 was a fun yet, challenging year! Dalvin and I went through so much and also been blessed with so much at the same time!! we are grateful that we were able to spend the last couple days of 2015 with our families and loved ones. We are excited and look forward to what 2016 has to offer!
Lots of love,
The Nemaia’s.
Our little princess is growing!!! baby at 21 weeks 🙂


Cousin Barbara! I miss her xx


At one of our many scan appointments!
Taina with her grandparents leaving back to Tonga 😦
Our night out with Moni.
Look at that smile! my sweet nephew John.
At our open fire bbq! It was sooo yummy!! Thanks uncle Mo’unga 🙂
Moni and Mo’unga at a YSA dance.
What a pretty smile! My niece LunaKate
Shopping day! Ignore my fatness at the back lol
Doesn’t this just look DELICIOUS??!!! thanks Mom for making this!
This is how Taina clean the dishes! lol
My favourite thing to eat! Thanks Dad for my fish 🙂
Christmas Day- Black and Red lol
Family Photo 🙂
Taina at her Great Grandma’s house



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