Temple Lights

Last night, we took our youth to Hamilton to see the Christmas lights! It’s always an exciting time and most people (like myself) look forward to it every year! Some people also make it as a tradition for their families and its great to see everyone come together and enjoy the spirit of Christmas!
However, leading up to the night was a different story. I was so exhausted from work and all I wanted to do was curl up in bed and sleep. Dalvin also had a ‘not so good’ day at work and he wasn’t in the mood to go. So we were both on the fence deciding whether to go or not. Plus, we were thinking we’re gonna have to put gas in our car to and from Hamilton, buy some snacks for the road and also have money for our dinner. So that kinda had an influence on deciding whether it was a good idea to go or not. By the time I got home from work, I was completely knackered so I went to sleep. Plus, the mere thought of having to get up and find something to wear; without making me look like a whale and what not; was exhausting on its own. Oh, the joys of being pregnant! lol

When Dalvin got home from work, we weren’t feeling the idea of going. But because we knew the youth had looked forward to going, we had to make an effort. Aaaaaand it’s also our calling so we have to fulfil our callings right?! right! lol..so we got ourselves ready and we were off. It just so happened that Bishop filled up our car soooo we knew we were meant to go lol thanks Bishop for putting gas in our car! 🙂

The temple lights were amaaaaaaaaazing!!! It was great to see everyone there with their families and having a good time. With all the madness going on at work, it was great to get away and spend some quality time with each other. Me and Dalvin definitely enjoyed ourselves and we were glad we made the decision to go.

We met up with Dalvin’s cousins too.
You can’t tell, but I was SO TIRED walking up the stairs. I was even struggling to smile! lol
Us with our baby bump 🙂
I have to post this picture because my husband is smiling! Honestly, he smiles like once in a blue moon lol

We could see the temple miles away from the main road. It was absolutely stunning!




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