Going down memory lane

Sooooo….the time is 10.26pm, aaaand I’m wide awake zzzz.. Really, I should be sleeping for work but oh well, what a perfect time to blog! lol. Today I was going through all of my pictures and came across some cool ones, some ‘not so cool’ ones, and some should’ve been deleted years ago lol- so I thought it’l be cool to post some pictures up on here. So enjoy! ……or not. (lol)

I miss my sisters! 😦 This was our sunday routine. Get ready then come outside and take hundreds of pictures! lol- good times. 
This picture is one of my fave. You see the cardigan I’m wearing? Yeah I swapped with Tita because she was cold! lol 
This is my good friend Mealofa. This picture was taken in Tonga at the Liahona High School Reunion Dance 2012. 
The sign literally said- “NO high heels”. Me and Jess thought it was hilarious because every single girl at the dance turned up in heels lol
With my cousins Lose and Lute. Now, they both married with kids!
I can’t remember how old this picture is. I think this was taken back in 2010. On the plane to ‘Eua! 
Mom always wanna be in our pictures lol and ofcourse she demands that she will be in the middle lol- 
These were the ‘wifey’ crew. Because we called each other wifeys..don’t ask me why kos I don’t know either lol- My wife is on the far left lol- love you Mele!  
When we saw the ‘nek minute’ guy at Youth Town. We had to take a picture! lol 
My brother and Hene will kill me if they know I posted this lol but don’t they just look cute in their suits??? lolol
At some point in my life, I was a model lol- no seriously………lol
This is my little cousin Selina. We’re at the bush in ‘Eua collecting some coconuts. 
At the fireside with my Rahdesh. We’re outside taking pictures because the supper was gross lol 
This is me in front of my primary school in ‘Eua. So many memories here! 
At my first graduation! Tita was my photographer on the day. Love you sis! 
Have no idea why I’m laughing, but this picture makes me smile! I mean, look at the background. Tonga you beauty! 
My support crew! I was performing at a ward conference dance. Glad my girls were there! 
Day out at the markets in Tonga. 
Sacramento California at Tita’s wedding dance!
Glad Baba made it out to the States! 
This was taken at Disney World. I felt like such a fob in my jandals lol 
Had to take a picture with the Opera House lol 
My first time paint balling AND last. lol
Sunday selfie with Silia 🙂 

I just about cried when I saw this picture. Not because I miss Jess, but because I want this body back! lol- Yes, I was once skinny; I wasn’t always obese lol



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