Anniversary weekend

I’ve waited for this weekend for a veeeeeeeeerryyyyy loooooong time!!! and it’s finally here! On Thursday, I woke up feeling so happy knowing that we are finally going away for the weekend! The other day, I took my sister in law with me to buy Dalvin’s gift. Every time we go on dates to the mall, he would always stop by at Platypus and show me these shoes he really wanted to buy..but because the price of the shoes was just ridiculously expensive, my answer was no lol. Soooo then I decided I would buy those shoes for him (I know, I’m just the coolest wife) lol- Honestly, my heart almost skipped a beat when I saw the price and swiping my card to pay for it lol. But at the end of the day, I wanted to make this weekend special for him and he’s been working so hard so he deserves it.

  I got off work early and went to pick up Dalvin from work. We stopped at Manukau and bought some vinyl to print our matching shirts for the weekend! We got home and quickly packed our things and we were off! We had to leave Auckland by 4pm to get to Hamilton before 6pm to get the keys to our apartment. On our way, traffic was amaaaazing!! We arrived at Hamilton within 1 hour and a half so it wasn’t that bad. We arrived at the temple and went to the visitor centre to ask for directions where the apartment office was. We ran into Sister Hekau and it was great to see a familiar face! It was good to see her and know that she’s doing really well on the field. 
We finally checked into our room and it was so nice and cosy! By the time we settled in, we were both starving so we went into town for dinner. Of course I picked my all time favourite place- Genghis Khan to dine in, and poor Dalvin had to go along with my choice lol. We drove around town only to find out that there was no Genghis!!!!! the place they used to be, was on lease zzzzzz I know right???!!!! my poor husband took all the moaning and the dramatic mood swings while we were driving around looking for another place to eat. I didn’t really want to eat at another place but Genghis lol As we were driving around, honestly I think we drove up and down Victoria street a hundred times!!! lol WE CAME ACROSS ANOTHER GENGHIS!!!! the moaning and what not automatically went away! lol- we got to Genghis, I was in heaven 🙂
After our dinner, we went to PakNsave and bought some snacks for the weekend. By the time we got into our room, it was 9.30pm and we were exhaaaaaaaausted!!! it was sleep time for us.
The next morning, I couldn’t wait to give my present for Dalvin! so the eager wife I was, I got up around 6am and went to the car to get my gift lol. He had no idea I was getting him anything for our anniversary, and the look on his face was priceless! I got all emotional and teary eyed as I watched him open his gift and his face lit up when he saw his shoes. I also made him a book (which felt like forrrrever trying to finish it lol. He was grateful for my efforts and ofcourse I enjoyed all the compliments of how cool my gifts were!! lol
We finally got ourselves ready and we were out exploring Hamilton city! I looked up every op-shop in Hamilton and dragged Dalvin along with me to every single shop lol. It was like Christmas all over again having to see so many vintage dresses!! and ofcourse I bought nearly half of everything in the stores lol- Next thing, we found ourselves at the Warehouse and we bought a couple of The Lord of the Rings I’m not really a big fan of the Lord of the Rings, but I knew it’s one of Dalvin’s faves so I agreed to watch it lol. We were so tired from walking around the mall, we came back to the room to have a nap. Woke up later on went and grabbed dinner and came back to watch our movie! aaaaaaaaaaaand, we both fell sleep during the movie hahaha..

We woke up the next morning feeling depressed because we knew our trip was coming to an end 😦 The temple apartments were closed on a Sunday so we couldn’t stay for another night. We ended our trip by doing a session early in the morning and what a nice way to end our weekend get away! we really wanted to stay for another night, so we checked out 1 accommodation that was available to us. After much pondering and deciding if we would stay or not, we decided it was best to go back home. On our way to Auckland, we had to stop by and get some ‘Mama’s Donuts’- they are very delicious! its a pity they don’t have a store here in Auckland lol. We stopped by at KFC and got something to eat and again we went. I wanted to stop by at Pukekohe to check out some op-shops, but by the time we got to Pukekohe the stores were closed zzzzz – so we continued on our journey to Papakura lol. 

We didn’t realise how short our trip would be, but we sure did enjoy ourselves! It was great to get away from everything else and have that time spent with my husband. It was a much needed break for both of us from work and what not; and no doubt we will be back visiting again. So thank you Hamilton for having us! We really did enjoy our time away.

To my dear husband, happy 1st anniversary! This past year, we have been through a lot and more and I’m glad I got to experience it with you all the way. I love you. 

Ati xx

Had to do a selfie in front of the temple. Thanks to my husband for his awesome photography skills! lol 
The traffic was just the coolest ever! 
First day in Hamilton 🙂
Check out our awesome room! B2, thanks for having us!
Us with Sister Hekau 🙂
Welcome to Temple View! 
We got to see a snippet of the temple lights! It was so pretty!!
Our failed movie night lol- The Lord of the Rings.
Have no idea why my face is like that lol this was after our dinner at Genghis Khan!


Early ready for our session:)



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