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I have to be honest, I never really enjoyed General Conference as such growing up. I remember being in Primary and dreaded the long hours sitting at the chapel. I would rather be at home in my comfortable bed sleeping (yes I know, I was one lazy kid) lol.

But I guess the older I got, my mind-set was different and started to really took interest in the talks and what it entailed. 
I suppose at a very young age, I was quite naïve all I wanted to do was be with my friends, read a book or just be at home sleeping. 
But looking back at it now, I’m grateful for a Dad who is very strict when it comes to Church (still is). He did not care if we had other plans on Sunday, sick, tired or whatever the excuse we would come up with. He would always make sure that all he’s 5 children will be sitting in the same chair inside the chapel. And, if one or two of us were missing, we all knew we were in for a loooooooooooooong session of FHE the following Monday LOL
I am grateful for a diligent Father who made sure that we were all in check and still continue to do so even though most of us are married lol.
    He had set me that example that I will continue to teach to my children- that when it comes to Sunday, it is Heavenly Father’s time regardless of whatever the situation is.
Thanks Dad!
This October General Conference I was feeling unwell (no really, I was lol- no joke) so we watched conference from home instead. I thoroughly enjoyed watching it at the comfort of our home and it was great to know that you can pause/ rewind/ stop at any time lol.
All the talks were amazing and I enjoyed every single bit.
However, when the beloved Prophet addressed us in the Sunday morning session, I could feel his spirit and his love towards the members. He really is a man called of God and I am grateful for a living prophet who is so diligent and faithful in representing the Lord.
I pray for him and sustain him.
One talk I particularly enjoyed was the talk given by Elder Von G.Keetch of the seventy. He talked specifically about the barriers we have in our lives and the barriers that Heavenly Father has put in place to harbour us from evil and destructive influences.
Often, we take for granted the simple things Heavenly Father has set for our own safety. Sometimes we are so caught up in the ‘things’ of the world that we overlook the certain barriers that the Lord has established. (This is me :/)   
I am grateful for those certain barriers Heavenly Father has put in my life. Just like the words of Elder Von G.Keetech- “These barriers make the way we should act, and more importantly they illuminate who we should become”

Our Wedding Day- 6th December 2014

I’ve been meaning to start a blog aaaaaaages ago but procrastination got the best of me, as it usually does :/
So here I am 100 years later, f.i.n.a.l.l.y creating one!
More of the reason why I wanted to start a blog, was to store all the pictures that meant so much to me; as a way of saving memories.
So here’s to creating maaaaaany more memories together!
I shall begin with one of the most joyful memories in my life. The day I got married 🙂
As a young girl growing up, I’ve always had a set plan for my life and the goals I needed to accomplish before I actually got married.
Part of that plan was to:
1st- Graduate from University
2nd- Find a job
3rd- Buy a car
4th- Get married @ 23 years old
Now looking back at it now, I’ve only completed 2 of those goals LOL
I graduated from University AND actually got married @ 23 years old.
I guess having a job now counts, but I would like to find a much more secure role which in fact will actually lead to buying a car, right? lol
On the 6th of December 2014, I was sealed to my husband for all time and eternity. It was indeed the happiest moment of my life.

‘selfie’ at its best! lol
With my parents and sisters. Tita couldn’t make it as she was
heavenly pregnant to get on the plane lol
And my dear brother who was on his mission at the time.
With Dalvin’s family. My niuean  family 🙂

I was very lucky that my Mom hand-made EVERYTHING for my wedding.
To my wedding dress, flowers, bridesmaid dresses, bridesmaid flowers,
and the boys flowers as well. I’m glad I have such a talented mother who did most of the hard-work for me!
I love you Mom 🙂

My girls.

The boys.
Funny photo! (I don’t know what kind pose I was doing) zzz
My little annoying sister who happily agreed to be my maid of honour.
Group photo! Thank you to these people for making our wedding day that much special.
Love, the Nemaia’s 🙂